Alycia Kravitz is a Brooklyn-based photographer focusing on the human experience in all it's complexity and wonderfulness.

Aside from weddings, she photographs most frequently in the art world, with clients including the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA PS1, Aperture Gallery, National Academy of Design and Creative Time.

When she's not photographing professionally she's reading, walking in the woods or photographing her family & friends. 


Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

Elegant. Simple. Inspired by joy.

fusion philosophy

Every wedding & event is an opportunity to collaborate. You bring a unique energy and set of desires, and I tune into that frequency and translate it visually through my own lens of style and perspective. The resulting images are a perfect fusion of my vision and your vibe. 

curated candids

If you're like many of my clients, candid moments are a huge priority - but live experience can be a little messy, and sometimes just needs a tweak to elevate an authentic moment into a work of art.

I don't believe in creating something from nothing, but I do believe in enhancing what's already happening by choosing the right background, rearranging the group ever so slightly, or getting the right people together at the right time. A thoughtful curation of candid moments gives the best of both worlds - refined visuals of real life.